Stairway Truck With Collapsible Lightening Blade

    • دسته بندی: Trolley

    • Made of tubular steel or welded steel profile
    • Powder coated
    • Available in red color (RAL 3020) and following if requested:


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    Twin Horn Anvil (Black Smiths Anvil)

    Double Open Sided Platform Cart

    Standard Type-Set, Numerical

    Flat cold Chisel, Octagonal Shank

    Sharpening File- Knife

    Perforated Panel

    Grooving Chisel

    "¼ Cool Line System Parts

    Screwdriver for slotted screws (Form A)

    Portable Work Stand With Pipe Vice

    Engineer’s Files- Square

    Panelled And Platform Cart

    Scaling hammer

    File Brush