Maintenance-Station For Cooling Lubricants

    • Category: Devices

    •    Contaminations of coolant and lubricants during the production process in sequence of external oil and particulate material are unavoidable 
    •    By means of this unit emulations and fluids can be optional cleaned and tended during the production process. The lifetime of emulsions will multiple increase and the disposal costs are reduced to a minimum.

    Technical details: 
    •    Made of stainless steel
    •    Equipped with 70 micron filter
    •    All hose connections with one hand couplings


    cooling lubricant on wet-cutting machines subject to a strong contamination. External implemented oils (of the differnt application areas) , fluids and greases deposit on the surface of the cooling lubricant prevent in higher concentration the vital exchange of oxgen.

    In consequence of the interaction of floated and sedimented particulate material, an ideality nutrient solution is established for bacteria and fungi, responsible for the corrosion of the cooling lubricant.

    A continuous maintenance by  removing these partculate materials regularly prolongs the life time of the cooling lubricant and reduce the disposal the costs.


    The JP 1010 maintenance station exhausts a mixture of oils and particulate materil from the emulsion.

    This mixture is separated within the maintenance-station and returns to the machine tool, whereas the filtered oil flows into the separate catchment tank.

    The separating of oil and emulsion is effected in a physical sparing method so that the emulsion connot be nagative the affected by skidding or else.

    The maintenance of the emulsion is an automatic operation via bypass principle without personnel placement and machine tool downtime.

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