Heavy Duty Drawer Cabinets, Type 5, height: 85cm

  • دسته بندی: Drawer cabinets

Color choices

  • Standard color combinations for storage facilities

  • following colors combinations are also available but with surcharges and longer delivery time

Technical data

  • Top quality for professional use
  • Impact resistant powder coated
  • Drawer pull-up interlock, only one drawer can be opened at a time

Cabinet housing

  • 1.25 mm thick Steel sheet construction
  • Reinforced by vertical support for installation of drawers with different heights


  • Made of 1.25 mm thick quality steel sheet
  • Drawer panels with internal pressed-in bars and slots on a 17mm pitch
  • Central locking system
  • Anodized Aluminium handle with archiving and clean plastic strips, incl. end caps for the side
  • Spread load capacity  type 7 : up to 100kg , type 5 : up to 60kg


  • Made of 3 mm thick steel sheet
  • Drawer guidance with low friction quiet steel ball bearings
  • 80% drawer pull-out (standard pull-out)


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